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(true) My Muscular Wife
« on: November 06, 2010, 08:08:47 pm »
(this is a true story, but there will be no pictures of my wife. That is not happening)

I had been noticing that my wife had been getting more and more upper body strength and size for a while. She is a petite (115 pounds) aerobics and kickboxing instructor with unbelievable quads, hams and especially calves. She knows that I am a muscle-lover and delights in flexing her quads or calves while I hold them. It wasn't until about 2 weeks ago that I "discovered" her in the basement REPPING with 70 pounds on the curl bar. That is more than 60% of her body weight and she was curling it easily. I watched her in raps amazement as she finished 11 reps.

Now my wife is not a show off and it can be a real chore to get her to flex. I would love it if she was one of those women that strut in front of you and show off a muscle here and there, but that isn't her. I have often dreamed about catching her flexing in a mirror, bit the only time (to my knowledge) that she has done that is when I ask her to.

That day, though, I really started to appreciate just how big and defined she was getting. She had a pencil sized vein running down the length of both biceps and her shoulders, triceps and biceps were positively ballooning with each rep.

That night, I went for broke, enticing her back into her gym for a little sexual foreplay. She was giggling when we went in there, but I was deadly serious that I wanted to see her curl 70 again, and this time stand behind her and feel her arms. She got a little less giggly and we slid the 25s onto the curl bar. She took off her sweatshirt to reveal a jog sports bra. As I went around behind her she faced the mirror and picked up the weight. I held onto her arms while she curled and it was amazing. Like steel! I could see the look on her face that she was getting enormously turned on by the fact that I was going wild.

My erection was poking her angrily on her ass. She did 6 reps and put the bar down. Then she did something that she doesn't do regularly, brought up her arms into a double bicep flex to look in the mirror. It was awesome. The peak on her right arm formed into a ball the size, shape and hardness of a pool cue ball. In the mirror, I could see her eyes watching me and her breathing was getting harder and harder. She flexed even harder and I felt her steel arms quiver.

I was seriously considering taking her on the gym floor, but we moved next door into my man cave and she was ready. As soon as we got in there, her clothes came off and she pushed me down on the couch. I quickly pulled off my pants and she grabbed my dick and shoved it inside her and she came down on my lap. She stopped and then went into another biceps pose, my dick twitched inside of her. As she slowly started to ride, me, I started to tell her what it was like to watch her, feel her strength, be blown away by her size and hardness. I swear she came in about 15 seconds listening to my muscle-worship talk. I know that she was as turned on by me being so into her as I was turned on (if that makes any sense).

I am happy to report that she now knows that she has a "power" over me, and I have seen and felt those biceps almost every day since. She teases a little bit, but does deliver.

Men, if you have a muscle woman in your life, tell her all about how much she does for you, it'll be worth it!

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Re: (true) My Muscular Wife
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2010, 01:19:52 am »
Congratulations and thanks for sharing!  Your wife is amazingly strong for her size, so I can imagine just how big and solid her biceps are!

You're a lucky man to have a woman with muscles like that who's now aware of the positive effect they can bring into your relationship! 

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Re: (true) My Muscular Wife
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2010, 03:28:01 pm »
don't complain about the teasing. it's all a part of the foreplay. you just gotta keep up the worship talk. it might just motivate her. just imagine: next time, maybe after not seeing her flex in a while, she'll invite you down to the weight room, start repping 80+ lb curls and squeeze out a rock hard softball sized peak.

then you'll be the one coming in 15 seconds...

(me and my ex used to "play" like this. it is a lot of fun)


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Re: (true) My Muscular Wife
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2010, 04:19:16 pm »

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Re: (true) My Muscular Wife
« Reply #4 on: February 10, 2011, 10:24:24 am »
As my wife has been becoming more muscular and stronger, she has also started to wonderfully started to ratchet up the muscle-confidence in our relationship. When she originally realized that I found her muscles sexually appealing, she would almost reluctantly show them to me when we were in our foreplay.

As her body has really started to transform, though, I think that she is starting to really dig what she sees and -- more importantly -- starting to really dig what it does to me.

Last weekend, we were planning a little "us time" after our son went to bed. It was later, and he was hanging out and my wife was getting a little impatient. While he was in the room doing something else, she came strutting in wearing a wife-beater tanktop from a recent fitness camp that she attended. She sat on the edge of the couch right next to me and caught my eye. Then she rather theatrically stretched her arms out and brought them into a biceps pose, flexing hard. From my angle, her right biceps simply leapt off her arm. With my son in the room, I didn't want to start groping my wife and she knew this, so she was doing a little muscle-torture to me. Then she brought her right arm down and put the elbow on her knee where only I could see it. Then she starting bouncing her biceps. Up and down, up and down. I put a hand on it and felt it harden up and then relax. Pure heaven.

Then she did something so amazing that I doubt that I will even forget it. She stopped staring me in the eyes and looked down at her arm, Then she absolutely crushed a bicep while folding her arm as far as it would go. What I saw was a pure ball of muscle with a pencil thick vein running across the top. A bit smaller than a baseball, but harder than steel. The look in her eyes was amazing and when she looked over at me, her eyes were twinkling. My jaw simply sagged looking at it. My hand was shaking slightly as I felt it and she was so proud. Later that evening, she asked the super schmoe question that we all love: while flexing an her biceps, she said "do they look bigger to you?"

Ahh, bliss.

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Re: (true) My Muscular Wife
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2015, 07:12:07 am »
I know it has been 4 years since you last commented on ypur amazing wife.  Is there any way of getting an update? 

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Re: (true) My Muscular Wife
« Reply #6 on: May 08, 2015, 06:05:09 pm »
I have a feeling that after 4 years, he may not even still be reading these forums.  But yeah, I'd love to hear an update too!

What I can share is my own experience though.... (And hey, it'd be cool if we could turn this into a thread for anyone with muscular wives to share their true stories. Any more of you guys out there?)

I'm in an interracial marriage (wife is black). She's always been a big girl and pretty strong. In college, she was a champion at shot put and considered playing on a womens' football team too. She put on some weight after having 2 kids (like a lot of women), but it's well proportioned, so it gives her a thick, solid look. (In fact, when we first met, she was showing me pictures from a state fair she had just been to with her ex-b/f. She won a prize at one of those "Guess my weight" booths when the guy bet she weighed about 240 and she weighed in at 285!) I'm 5'9" myself and she says she is too, although every time we stand next to each other, people say she's just slightly taller than me so I dunno... maybe she's closer to 5'10".

Anyway, her older kid from her previous marriage is a big guy too. He's still only a pre-teen but he's as tall as either of us these days. She took him to the doctor last month and when they got back, she said, "Wow! He's getting big! He's as tall as me and he weighs more than you!" (Last time I checked, I weighed around 192.)

A few days after that, they were arguing about him not finishing some homework and needing to get off of a video game. He didn't want to get up from the couch. She got mad and said, "Come here! Let me see something...." He reluctantly stood up and walked over to her. She proceeded to wrap her arms around his waist and picked him up off the ground, saying "You might be getting bigger, but I'm still bigger than you and strong enough to pick you up and carry you if i have to! You better start obeying!" (She had a pleased look on her face that told me she was kind of proud of herself for being able to lift him like that.)

Last week, I was in the kitchen with her as she was making dinner. I was trying to put together one of those pre-mixed salads but the bowl I wanted to pour it in was up in the very top cabinet shelf over the sink. It's just high enough so I usually have to grab a chair or step stool to get it unless I can just barely catch the edge of it with an outstretched finger and kind of flick it down from the shelf. I tried that method first, being lazy and not wanting to get a chair or stool. Didn't work. So next thing I know, she just comes up behind me and grabs my thighs and lifts me straight up, holding me up to get it. I grinned and said, "There ya go!" She laughed, putting me back down again, and said "That's why you married a big girl instead of one of those skinny little things, right?"

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Re: (true) My Muscular Wife
« Reply #7 on: July 17, 2015, 09:56:41 am »
Great story! I think it's nice when a woman knows their own strength and enjoys the opportunity to show it off :)

My gf is very strong for her size and although petite and slim she is very toned and athletic. I am a lot heavier than her but she always takes great delight in proving her strength against me especially with lift and carry challenges. The very first time it happened we were standing chatting face to face and she just cut me off mid sentence and said let me hold you whilst we talk, and I put my arms around her shoulders/neck, my legs around her waist and she held me in a front carry as we carried on the conversation.

Now knowing she had the ability to do this I suggested some challenges to further test her strength against mine and since then have been lucky enough to be carried in a variety of ways :)