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Laurie - A girl shows her muscles and her strength
« on: June 08, 2009, 07:39:11 pm »
This is a story I wrote about 3-4 years ago. You may have read it before.

Summary - A shy girl shows her muscles and her strength.

Laurie, Part I
by Chainer

I slammed my textbook shut and shoved it into my backpack. God, that had
been one of the most boring math classes I've ever had, and that was no
small feat for my teacher. Leaving the room, I fished around in my pocket
for my schedule. Now, with the start of the fourth and final quarter of my
senior year of high school, my classes were once again making a chaotic
shift; the ones I've had in the afternoon were jumping up to fill the
morning blocks while those were pushed back to the newly-emptied afternoon

Finding the schedule, I quickly scanned it to find out my next class:
"Monday, Block 2, Phys. Ed." That's right, I suddenly remembered. My gym
teacher had told us the fine way he was going to kick off the quarter:
fitness testing. I longingly looked out a window, seeing a beautiful, yet
cool April day. No chance of going outside now, I thought. We'll be stuck
inside playing with treadmills.

I was knocked out of my thoughts when I realized that I had arrived at the
ramp leading down to the changing room. I was almost late; descending
quickly, I whipped off my clothes, grabbed on my new ones, and dashed up
the stairs. I joined the group of people milling around the gym and
scanned them for any sight of friendly faces, but found none. Although
there were no friends, there were plenty of people I knew, and, to my
greatest delight, plenty of girls.

In a short while, I was separated into my group of four people, two girls
and another boy. I knew one of the girls and the guy to be good friends,
but I had never seen the last girl before. She was a few inches shorter
than me, around 5'7", and had her flowing brown hair tied back in a
ponytail, reaching a length a few inches below her shoulders. I was
startled by how pretty she looked--no excessive makeup and deep, brown
eyes--but I didn't have much time, as we were starting our exercises. I
stole another glance at her, wearing a gray, long-sleeved shirt along with
full-length sweatpants. She wasn't fat, but neither was she skinny,
looking to be around 130 pounds.

My group was being tested on pullups first, and I felt apprehensive, as I
had never been much good at those. The boy and the girl I knew were
talking with each other in a corner. I looked up at the bar, grabbed it,
and proceeded to do five pullups in mediocre form, after which I couldn't
keep ahold of the bar and was forced to drop. Rubbing my arms in
exhaustion, I watched the pretty, unknown girl start her set.

To my amazement, she did four pullups easily, and continued for more. I
kept counting--6, 10, 13, 14. At this point, she was slowing down a bit,
and the arms of her shirt had slid down to her elbows. She hung on the
bar, tired, for a few seconds.

With renewed force, she continued with a few more pullups; by now, I had
lost the exact count because I was busy looking at her forearms. With each
pull, several veins were pushed out on each forearm as the muscle flexed,
drawing clear, defined lines on the sides of her arms. They continued
pumping until she finished the set, when she dropped off, to my great
sadness hiding her arms behind her sleeve again. Overall, she must have
done at least 18 pullups, with ease, more than 3 times what I had done
with a great struggle. I was breathless.

I knew I had to have another glimpse of those forearms and any other
muscles she may have. As I was contemplating approaching her, the bell
rang--we would continue testing tomorrow. The class hurried off to the
dressing rooms.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened for the rest of the day, until lunch,
that is. I couldn't stop thinking about the girl--had I imagined those
arms? I had to approach her somehow.

I dreamily strolled into the cafeteria, unpacking my lunch, and going to
my regular seat outside. I preferred the fresh air as opposed to the
filthy, crowded building. I started eating, accidentally looked up, and my
breath stopped. The girl was sitting on a rock, eating, on the edge of the
forest that marked the boundaries of the school campus. Most importantly,
she was alone. I might never get a chance like this again, I thought.

I slowly walked over to her. She looked up, noticing me.

"Hi," I greeted her.

"Oh, hello. Didn't we meet in gym class? You look sort of familiar..." she

"That's right," I introduced myself. I told her my name.

"I'm Laurie," she said. "So, how's your day been?" She was still wearing
the same gray shirt and sweatpants that she had worn during gym class.

We started chatting about random aspects of school; All the while, I was
busy looking at her arms. She had rolled her sleeves up to her elbows to
eat lunch; I could see clear veins on the underside and top of her
forearms, which didn't stand out quite as clearly now that they weren't
flexed, but I could see the potential for the veined muscle to pop out.

I decided to steer the conversation towards strength. "How did gym go?"

"Oh, same old. It was fun, actually."

"How did you do so many pullups? You don't look that strong." Here was my
typical half-insult, half-provoke that I often used to get girls to flex.

"I guess I've been training for a pretty long time. I've always been
pretty active--I did gymnastics when I was younger and I still practice
sometimes--and I decided to start training when I was 13. It would be
pretty surprising if I couldn't do that many, wouldn't it?" Whoa, I
thought. No wonder.

"Yeah, your arms look pretty good," I said. I didn't even realize that I
was contradicting my previous statement.

She looked down at her forearms, and, as if noticing them for the first
time in her life, made a fist with her hand. The stripes of muscle
appeared at the sides again as her veins jumped. Her arm wasn't much
thicker than mine-if thicker at all--but the muscle was clearly defined
and very apparent.

"I bet you have nice muscles!" I exclaimed, doing my best to mask my
intense interest.

"Sometimes people tell me that," she said. "Hey, wanna see?"


At first she tried rolling up her sleeves to her shoulders, but they
bunched up and wouldn't go much farther than her elbow. She made an "oh,
well" face and slipped off her shirt. What I saw amazed me.

She was wearing a tanktop, which left all of her arm bare. Even as her arm
was hanging down, there was a bulge at her biceps and her triceps were
unbelievable. When she straightened her arm out to put her sandwich down,
her triceps immediately contracted, drawing a clear, triangle-shaped bulge
on the back of her arm. Not huge, but clear. Each bicep had a small vein
running through the center, unflexed.

She straightened her arm out then in the air, making it parallel to the
ground, and started flexing slowly. Her biceps rose, making a second, much
smaller vein parallel to the first clear. I could see her previously soft
and well-defined arms hardening in plain view. When the muscle reached its
maximum peak, I felt it. It was rock-hard. I tried squeezing it, but only
made a small depression. I felt the bottom of her flexed arm, which wasn't
flexed since her arm was bent, but it was hard and I could clearly feel
the muscle that was obviously there.

I took my hand off; she straightened her arm and then flexed again. She
kept pumping in this manner about 5 times, the flex alternating between
her triceps and biceps. Finally, she held the bicep flex for a few
seconds, her arm shaking from the effort, her bicep reaching an even more
well-defined peak than before. She was so absorbed in watching her muscle
that she looked as though she had forgotten I was there. Then she let her
arm drop.

"Whew! That was a workout," she said.

"That was amazing," I stuttered.

"I just like keeping my body in shape," answered Laurie. "I love the
feeling that my body gets after a workout, be it running or lifting
weights. At least the effort shows a bit!" she added modestly.

We continued sitting--she was eating, I was breathless. Suddenly, a
mischievous smile crossed her face. "Stand up, let me do something." I did
as she asked.

She came close to me. I saw her knees bend and felt her arms slip around
my hips. Then, I felt a squeeze as her arms tightened, biceps bulging and
stripes of muscle appearing on her shoulders. Her knees straightened and
my feet left the ground. I couldn't believe it--I was being lifted off the
ground by a girl who was 18, my age, and shorter than me. I felt the power
in her arms, those years of work really showing their value. She held me
in the air for quite some time, and then let me down. She looked a bit
tired (although not much), one single bead of sweat gleaming on her
forehead. Again, my glance went to those muscled arms, her triceps clearly
seen, even from the front, and her biceps making a peak as she adjusted
her hair.

I was about to ask her if she had strong legs, but the bell rang--she put
on her shirt.

"Nice meeting you," she said. I responded with the same sentence.

She ran off towards her next class. I was wondering what her legs and abs
looked like--they had remained concealed below her clothes--and I was
looking forward to the next day more than ever.

Laurie, Part II
by Chainer
The next day, Tuesday, I woke up refreshed. On the previous afternoon,
time had slowed to a crawl in my anticipation towards the second day of
fitness testing and perhaps seeing Laurie's muscles in action again;
several times I realized that this was the first time that I was looking
forward to school since first grade. The ease with which she had lifted
herself up and then later me was amazing.
Fortunately, time passed, as it always does, and I found myself in math
class. No doubt it was a bore as it had been on Monday, but I didn't
care. I wasn't concentrating anyways, looking at the clock and counting
down the minutes until it would be gym time--Five. Three. One.
The bell rang. I jumped up and must have walked at a rather fast pace to
the gym, arriving only two minutes after the end of class. Here we go, I
thought as I was changing.
Upon ascending the stairs, I spotted Laurie standing amongst a group of
other people. I heard the teacher tell us that we were going to be tested
on sit-ups today, and we were off into our groups. Laurie was wearing the
same clothes as yesterday, darn it--I couldn't get a glimpse of her arm,
and guessed that I wouldn't be able to do so later, either, since sit-ups
didn't involve arm-work.  
The objective was to do as many sit-ups as possible in 60 seconds, and we
each had to get a partner to time and to hold our feet down to make our
job easier. I approached Laurie. Arriving right at the point, I asked,
"Hi! Mind if I time you?"

"No; go ahead." She wouldn't have had much choice anyways, since the
other two people of our group were already partners.
She lay down on the floor; I grabbed her feet.

"Ready?" I inquired. And, after a nod from her, "Go!"  

She started off at an impressive pace. I was only half-impressed, since
in my fantasies after she lifted me up the other day I had unconsciously
expected her to be super-strong and do somewhere near 3 sit-ups each
second. That's terrible, I scolded myself.
Snapping back to reality and out of my fantasies, I realized that about
half of the minute was up. Surprised, I noticed that Laurie hadn't slowed
down--in fact, she was going even faster than at first! I shuddered in
excitement of how toned her abs must be to be able to stand so much work.
The pulsing of her feet in my hand was hypnotizing--each contraction of
her abs sent them pushing against my hand. Thump. Thump. Thump.
She kept that pace up for the duration of the minute. When I called time,
she let her upper
body go limp.
"Oh, God. My abs feel like jelly," she remarked in exhaustion.
"Wow! That was amazing! How could you keep that up?"
"Well, I shouldn't have, that's the thing..."
"You must have... Your abs probably aren't like jelly at all!" I was
immediately angry at myself for constantly trying to provoke her to flex.
Fortunately, she ignored it and instead proceeded to stand up and,
stretching, lifting her arms above her head.
Then, in the middle of her stretch, her shirt lifted up and I was able to
catch a glimpse of her lower abs. Although it only lasted for a moment, I
thought I saw a defined line through the center as well as the bottom of
a six-pack.
When it was my turn to do sit-ups, I lay down, and Laurie put her hands
on my feet. To test her strength, I tried to lift my feet up, but
couldn't. I ended up doing about 35; I don't quite remember the exact
number, but it was much less than what Laurie had done.
Unlike the previous day, I was looking forward to eating, thinking that
perhaps Laurie would be alone again. When I got my lunch, I looked at the
rock where we had sat yesterday, and in a stroke of luck, saw her there
again--alone! I approached her, sure that today conversation would be
much easier than the initial break through the ice last time.
“Hey, Laurie.”
“Oh, hi! What did you think of gym class today?” she asked.
“Hmm… it was a bit exhausting. I couldn’t keep up the sit-ups for a very
long time. But you were amazing!”
“Did you think so? Funny, because I was trying to not wear myself out
very much since I’m planning on doing some abwork later today… along with
some legs.” She patted her stomach, which was concealed under her
sweatshirt. “Tell me, you don’t think it’s unattractive for a girl to be
“No! Of course not. Why should it be?” Obviously.
“I don’t know. It seems like that’s the reaction I get sometimes. Either
that, or people are indifferent. A while ago some girl on the track team
noticed my legs and asked me to flex. I did, and after she felt them, she
frowned and said they were too ‘ripped’, that was the word she used. Some
others were watching, and they wanted to see my thighs too, so I flexed
“What did they say?”
“Most of them congratulated me: ‘Nice muscle,’ and ‘Wow, neat.’ But some
girls and guys were disgusted. One guy turned to me and said that girls
with muscles were ugly. No one liked it in particular.”
“I guess just don’t pay attention. I think muscles are attractive,” I
“Really? I was surprised how you weren’t disgusted yesterday. That’s why,
“Yeah!” I seized the opportunity: “Can I see your legs? I bet I’ll like
She started rolling up the legs of her pants to her knees. Her calves
were protruding in a small bulge, waiting to contract, creating a nice
curve from her knees to her ankles. She stood up and walked to a rock
about half the size of a car's wheel. I estimated it to weigh around
sixty pounds.
She bent down, and, with a grunt, hugged the rock and lifted it up. I
couldn't see her biceps, which were covered by the shirt, but for once, I
didn't care--I was looking at her calves. They had hardened, and although
they weren't ripped, it was clear that Laurie had more muscle there than
I did; even though her unflexed legs, like her arms, were only a little
wider than mine.
Holding the rock, she lifted her weight on her toes, then back to her
feet. She did it again, this time holding herself on tiptoe for a few
seconds, and only then releasing. With each pump, muscle striations
appeared. Viewed from the side, her calves really did bulge, much more
than when she was simply standing. She kept this up several more times,
until finally holding the tiptoe position.
"Wanna feel it?" she managed to ask, her voice straining from the effort.
And that's exactly what I did; I wrapped my hands around her calves, but
couldn't squeeze the hard muscle. My two hands barely reached around the
hard muscle, which was vibrating from the effort, and when I tried to
pinch it, I couldn’t even grab any skin.
I tried to feel her thighs, which were hidden by her pants, but I felt
the hardness. The muscles contracted into shapely curves that even I
could see through the fabric.
She relaxed, dropping the rock.  

"That was amazing!" I praised her.
“I’m glad that you like it…” she said. Regardless of her seemingly
reluctant act, she seemed happy to be able to flex.
The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.
"See you tomorrow!”
And with that, she ran down the hill to the building, her calves jumping
with each step, since she had forgotten to roll down the legs of her
I couldn't wait.

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Re: Laurie
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Laurie, Part III
by Chainer

I rounded the last corner, and Laurie’s house was in plain view. I wiped the
sweat off my forehead, which had gathered there due to the afternoon sun’s
pitiless shine.

I was on my way to Laurie’s house to help her with her trigonometry homework. I
had gotten to know her well in the last two months--we had eaten lunch together
almost every single day, talking about school and our lives. Quite often, I had
asked her to flex, and she never disappointed me, knowing that I was into her
physique, and enjoying it. Now, this warm June day was the first day that I was
visiting her house. She had said that we could work out together after I showed
her how to do the math--little did I know about sights I was in for.

I arrived at her house and knocked. She opened the door, and I was, as usual,
startled by how pretty she looked. Her brown hair was tied back in a ponytail
and her bright smile lit the room. She was wearing a t-shirt, but best of all,
she had on a pair of those short-shorts that are typical of 18-year-old girls.
Her legs were lean and cut--with every step she took, the separation between her
quads and hamstrings became clear. The years of running and lifting had taken
their toll on those muscles.

“Hey!” she greeted me.

“Hey. What’s up”? I said.

“I just got finished taking a shower after a 6-mile run. It was exhausting. I’m
not used to this warm weather yet.”

“Your legs are looking good, I’ve noticed…”

“Yeah. Look!” She quickly tightened her legs, and her quads bulged, the muscle
in her legs clearly visible.

“Let’s get the work out of the way,” she suggested. “Then we can actually work
out and enjoy this day.”

We lay down on the floor, next to each other. Going over the math homework took
quite a while, and I must admit that I didn’t have the easiest time
concentrating with her forearms right next to mine. They were so athletic, even
as she wasn’t flexing them or paying attention to her arms…

Eventually, we were done. “Come on,” Laurie said. “I have some equipment in the
basement. I’ve been waiting for this--I haven’t worked out today yet!”

At the top of the stairs, she flipped the light switch, and we climbed down. The
basement had been made into a traditional room, and I saw the “equipment” she
was talking about: there were several sets of weights, dumbbells, and even a few
machines that you’d find at a gym. Quite an investment.

“So, is this where you work out?” I asked.

“Normally. Although sometimes I go to the gym, but I can usually get a pretty
good workout down here. What do you think?”

“Pretty neat.” It was cool here, which was a relief after the heat upstairs and

“Wanna start with abs?” she asked.


But I wasn’t expecting what she did next.

She took off her t-shirt and threw it on the ground. Underneath, she was wearing
a tanktop that cut off right below her breasts. For my benefit, undoubtedly.

In the two months that we had been friends, she had never quite shown me her
abs, except for short amounts of time. Now, her stomach was completely exposed
and I could see a beautiful six-pack that fit perfectly with the rest of her
lean, muscular body. As she breathed, the tight muscle contracted and expanded.

“Okay, I’ll start,” she said. She grabbed a 10-pound dumbbell from the rack, lay
down on her back, and held the weight across her chest. She started doing slow
crunches. I was rendered breathless by her abs. So tight, so fat-free. With each
crunch, the muscles were drawn into lines.

I couldn’t resist the temptation and put one of my hands on her stomach. It was
hard; I could feel her abs moving underneath her skin each time she lifted her
back off the ground. I pushed down, but my hand didn’t go very far.

After countless amounts of crunches--countless for me, at least, since I
couldn’t count while being mesmerized by her abs---she became tired and stopped.
But it seemed as though she could’ve done many more.

“Whoa, Laurie…” I said. “I’ve never seen a stomach like that on a girl, not at
this age. Wow…”

“That’s why I’m showing you!” she smiled.

Then, it was my turn, but I don’t remember much about that. I took the weight,
and, of course, did less than what she did. I don’t have the slightest
recollection of the numbers involved.

“That was fun,” she said. “Look, I don’t even have to flex my abs, and you can
see them.” It was true. “Then, she smiled. “Come on, let’s see yours!”

I showed her, but there was nothing there. She jokingly felt it with a strong
pinch from her cool, skinny fingers, and remarked, “You know, I think mine are

“Do you really think so?” I said, sarcastically.

She laughed. “You know, I’m probably stronger than you, too,” she challenged. To
me, this seemed obvious, after having known her for a while, but I wanted to
take her up on the challenge. Why not?

“You definitely aren’t,” I said. I felt like a 6th grader. “I’ve never met a
girl stronger than me, even if she seemingly has more muscle.”

“We have to find out,” she pushed. “I know I can do more sit-ups and pull-ups
than you, and I can run farther. Why don’t we just, simply, armwrestle?”


So we sat down on opposite ends of a small, square table and locked our right
hands after putting our elbows on its surface. Her grip was strong, just as I
had expected, with her fingers digging into my hand. The muscle was clearly
visible in her arm, forming a bulge that was, for now, soft.

“Ready?” she asked. “On the count of three.” Her arms and her abs tightened,
almost unnoticeably, from her concentration. “One… two… Three… Go!”

The match began. At first, I tried to feel her strength, and I didn’t push with
all my might. It seemed she was doing the same, gripping fiercely, but somewhat
effortlessly. She started to move my arm downwards, and I decided to take a shot
at winning this match. Here was my chance, if I was ever going to have one.

I closed my eyes and concentrated--my only thought was to make her hand hit the
table. I felt our arms trembling, and I felt her giving in ever so slightly.
Push harder, I told myself. Push harder.

But the thud of her hand making contact with the table never came. As I opened
my eyes, I saw that according to our position, I was winning, with her hand
slightly closer to the table than mine. For one final time, I attempted to slam
her arm down. It didn’t work. She simply increased the force she was applying to
match mine.

Spent, I glanced at her arm--her shoulders had become slightly striated from the
effort, and the vein on top of her biceps stood out with the muscle. For a
moment, I lost my concentration.

Then, she gripped my hand harder. She started moving it down, rather
effortlessly, since I was too tired to attempt to resist. With a final slam, she

For a moment, we stared at each other in silence. She smiled. I was breathless.

“You… you never stop amazing me…” I stammered. After all, a dazzlingly pretty
girl my age had just beaten me, and fairly easily at that. That’s not something
that happens to me every day.

She laughed. “That’s okay. I won’t tell anyone about this.”

“You really are stronger than me…” I said.

“Seems like it,” she said, modestly. “Well, after all the training I’ve done,
I’d be pretty sad if I lost!”

“How strong are you?” I asked. I wasn’t aware of how silly I must have sounded.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, could I see you curl a weight with your arms, or something? I just want
to see.”

“Oh, sure.” She sat for a while, thinking. “Wait, I have an idea.”

She placed her right elbow on the table, much as she would for an armwrestling
match, except that her palm was facing her face.

“What are you doing?” I wanted to know.

“Just an idea. Pull my hand towards yourself. I’ll try to resist, and I’ll do
curls that way.”

“Why not weights?”

“I could use weights in my own time. You’re here, so we might as well make it
interesting, right?”

“I see…” I gripped her hand with both of mine. “Ready?”


I pulled. Not with all my might, of course, since no matter how strong she was,
there was no way she was going to hold my entire bodyweight with one arm. Or so
I reasoned.

Her pull was strong, and I made her struggle. Each time her arm bent, her biceps
came up to meet her forearm--and when her arm was straight, I could see the vein
on top of her muscle. Her forearms, as usual, were impressive, as were her abs,
which she had unconsciously tightened, just as she had during our armwrestling

After about 15 reps, I could see that she was straining rather hard. She let go,
and we worked her left arm in the same way, which was equally strong and

Once we were done, she dropped her arms on the table in exhaustion. I marveled
at her biceps--now unflexed, they were soft, but still defined. Then she gave me
a full double bicep flex, and smiled, knowing that I was loving it. The hard
peaks were gorgeous, and I imagined the strength they were capable of, the
strength she had shown--

“Wanna feel?” she asked.

She came around the table to the side I was sitting on, and relaxed her arm. I
put my hand on her bicep and gave it a squeeze, feeling the soft muscle. Then
she flexed, and hard at that--and I felt the muscle harden and move beneath her
skin. Incredible, even though this must have been at least my tenth time feeling
that same muscle. I didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to say anything. I let go of her arm.

“Okay, I think it’s time to work my legs,” Laurie said. I wondered what she had
in mind this time, amazed that she wanted to strain her legs even more after her
recent run. No wonder they looked the way they did.

She stood up and walked to an empty area of the gym-basement. “Come stand in
front of me,” she commanded. I did so.

It hit me--I realized that she was going to lift me up. She bent down in her
knees and slipped her right arm underneath my legs and her left arm under my
back. She asked if I was ready--I said that I was--and she lifted me, slowly,
off the ground. My eyes were now facing the ceiling and my body was right
against her tight stomach. She was straining--I hoped she wouldn’t drop me.

Then, she bent her knees into a squat. It couldn’t have been in great form, with
the shifting of her balance point due to carrying me, but it was a squat
nonetheless. Once her legs were bent, she started to straighten them--I noticed
how slowly she was doing it, letting the full weight strain her thighs for a
long time. I wish I could’ve seen her thighs, the muscles tensing and moving,
but the sight of her abs was good enough, as the separations moved close to one
another and the muscles were squished due to having her back bent.

She was now standing upright, but decided to go down again--down we went,
slowly, and up, just as slowly. She stood for a long time, trying to make up her
mind about whether or not she could do one more rep. But she couldn’t, and let
me down.

She informed me that sadly she was probably done with her workout for today.

I got a chance to look at her entire body, pumped after her workout. It was so
perfect… small drops of sweat were running down her stomach, making it glisten…
the veins on her arms were clear… her shoulders were rounded… and her thighs
formed clear curves from her knees. Her breasts stood out softly on her hard
body. I had a chance to look at her calves, too, when we were heading up the
stairs--they formed clear striations from soft curves as she raised her weight
onto each new step.

She put her t-shirt back on, once we reached the regular, living area of her

“Thanks so much. That was the most interesting workout I’ve ever had!” she said.
“I don’t think I’ve ever worked out like that with someone before.”

“Yes, that was… definitely the best workout,” I responded. Of course it was, and
she had enjoyed it, too.

I still remember that day clearly, and I’m sure I will never forget it. The girl
with the most perfect body--and I was the guy lucky enough to see it in action.

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Re: Laurie - A girl shows her muscles and her strength
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2009, 03:21:57 pm »
Normally fiction stories turn outlandish - but this was actually highly believable and realistic.  I liked how you noted how silly your comments sounded too - I think a lot of guys say silly things whether they like muscular girls or not.  Overall, I thought this was a solid, believable and realistic story, and it definitely sounded "inspired" by at least a smattering of true events and people.  Very nice.