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Title: Anybody knows..........
Post by: Sthenolagnia on June 11, 2019, 08:49:30 pm
.....anything about a fitness model named Kristina Boylan?

The only mentioning of her I found on internet is the following:

Kristina Boylan, the knockout fitness model many of you saw at the Arnold, in a nude pictorial shot in the California desert - in the Nude Figure Study Gallery.

Reason I ask is because I just got ahold of a copy of Bill Dobbins's photobook "The Women", which contains a handwritten dedication signed by B.D. himself, that says:

"To Kristina - Thanks for the shoot".

I really am curious as to whom the book might have belonged (probably it is Ms Boylan). So, if anybody here can ask Mr Dobbins that question, I would much appreciate that.