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Fantasy / Re: Female muscle comics from Amazonias
« Last post by Amazonias on August 20, 2019, 03:59:34 pm »
My best friend's brother is now out!

The two young female bodybuilders Shirley and Tanya are best friends and workout buddies. This story begins as they are both hanging out in Shirley's room, and blonde Tanya is a bit bored. Shirley suggests the mall, but Tanya asks for Shirley's brother.
Sammy is two years older than the bodybuilding girls, but a lot smaller. Recently, Shirley has seen Sammy draw pictures of Tanya, and Tanya is really intrigued...
In what follows, Tanya tests Sammy in several ways to see if he could be boyfriend material for her, comparing herself to him, and lifting him in several delicious ways...

95 pages


Your Site / Re: Meet our strong girls doing feats of strength never done
« Last post by Amofortinhas on August 19, 2019, 09:25:31 pm »

Sia Capitu, Big, strong, muscular and sexy. She simply melt your screen while she rips her shirt from her hard and muscular body. She is amazing totally a dominate the camera while flexing and destroying that fabric.

Get your subscription

General Discussion / Submissive Muscle Gals?
« Last post by rolgayle on August 19, 2019, 08:47:00 pm »
Any thickly and smoothly built women with secret submissive yearnings who might like to role-play as damsels in distress?  I realize that the idea is a minority one on the forum, but I can't believe that every muscle woman wants to dominate men.  I'd especially enjoy corresponding with women who secretly crave being helpless and tightly tied up and gagged in fictional situations, all in good fun.  I'm a male and find the idea of outwardly strong women being secretly submissive to be an arousing one.  Thanks.  Am very respectful of others' privacy and expect the same in return.
Website Discussion / Re: Uploads removed without notice
« Last post by fishpaste on August 19, 2019, 01:02:36 pm »
We don't generally compare uploads to each other like that; as in, it is not the case that if an image is removed for lack of muscularity, literally all other pics on the site show more muscle. For one, this would be impossible, but also read .

I've read and I am aware of your policy and rules.

They are still applied arbitrarily and pictures are deleted for no reason at all. Try again.
Your Site / Re: Meet our strong girls doing feats of strength never done
« Last post by Amofortinhas on August 19, 2019, 04:43:01 am »

Kley, she has muscles, strenght and beauty in abundance. She poses her muscular body teasing us for what is coming. She picks a chain and keeping posing till she starts to ripping it apart using her muscles and strength. Her pec bulges and flex with her strength against that metal chain. She does it slowly and sensual. Kley is goddess to be worshiped.
Requests / Re: Bill Wick Model
« Last post by ra5cvigi on August 18, 2019, 05:53:44 pm »
You could try to email Bill at his website, maybe he would provide an answer. I emailed him about availability of a DVD a few years back, received a prompt response.

Link to a video interview of Bill:
Requests / Re: FBB on Streets of NYC
« Last post by ra5cvigi on August 18, 2019, 05:36:11 pm »
Awefilms has clip of Tina Chandler called Muscle Girl in Manhattan. Awefilms also has Dawn Riehl clip called Street Flex. I know there are others out there
that have flexed in public.
Stories / squeezing the rock (true)
« Last post by hardgirllover on August 18, 2019, 10:57:58 am »
Early 60's, I'm 8 or 9 years old. I'm at the babysitters house. The babysitter was a beast. Short and stocky, all muscle. She worked out with Jack Lalane. One day while she's cleaning dishes she suddenly cries out in pain. One of her huge calf muscles had went into a painful full flex. She called me to the kitchen and asked me to work out the charlie horse. She was facing the sink and I came to her backside. I squeezed then squeezed some more. Her calf was as big as my whole waist. And it was solid. Rock hard. My hands were tiny and no match for the boulder. After about 7 or 8 minutes she sensed that I was getting exhausted and thanked me for trying. The calf went down on it's own a few minutes later. I did not feel good about myself that day but at least she asked me to help instead of someone else.
General Discussion / Kind of propaganda?
« Last post by donskidonski on August 17, 2019, 03:56:23 pm »
I am wondering what others think of this, I saw youtube animation about a female bodybuilder who had to see through the bodybuilding culture to accept she loved a extremely wimpy guy...   Today I saw a jpeg of an impressive black FBB standing next to an average build white guy.  The quote was her to him, "remember you love me for my strength like I love you for you meekness". Something like that any.  There both would suggest that I, bigger than average, but not a Mr. Olympia guy could have a chance with a massive bodybuilder woman...  I have never pursued a female bodybuilder because the effort is futile.  Why pay for anything when the women who meet with  the guys...may be polite...but my assumption's are:

1.  FBBers don't want anything to do with those worshipers out there because it feels like one step from stalking.  They seem to have their fave...and then because of this...probably obsess over the woman....really that is scary.
2.  But they do put up with because dudes offer money!
3.  I suppose it has happened, but ...for muscle lust is for women who desire thickness and maybe want to be manlike...the more like a man via steroids size and attire...the more I want to have sex with them....but never do I believe for a second any female who goes out of there way to become that androgynous...probably isn't looking for a man at all.

and on and on...

pick a female who will love you back....FBB wives are probably only wives because her husband talked her into divorced and messed way will she go out with a wimp and say, "I love how needy he is, I do all the work while he cries into a pillow...I found that so sexy!"

Do you agree?  THEY DON'T WANT US"
Stories / Re: Muscle girl at summer camp
« Last post by 17wheeler on August 16, 2019, 10:24:28 pm »
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