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General Discussion / Re: What got you started?
« Last post by scandinavian on Today at 12:25:12 pm »
For me it started from real live events. I remember to girls in the neighbourhood getting my interest started. The one girl was a true tomboy who was my best friend. We often competed in all kinds of things and I specifically remember two times she overpowered me wrestling in the backyard.
The other girl was a half asian girl who I think had a crush on me. I can't remember how we got to it, but I remember her flexing a bicep that took my breath away. We were only around 12 I think.
General Discussion / Re: What got you started?
« Last post by johnrambo18 on Today at 08:26:54 am »
For me it was seeing a TV programme in late 80s with Juliette Bergman. I was completely blown away with her muscles but I don't think the rest of the family were very impressed, so I had to keep it to myself and secret after that....
Fantasy / Re: Female muscle comics from Amazonias
« Last post by Amazonias on February 23, 2020, 03:21:32 pm »
Massive Mathilda part 1 is now out!

When I wrote "Big Sister", I really got a taste for a brother-sister relationship story. Here I bring you the adventures of an extremely dominant stepsister and her shorter and younger stepbrother. Be warned, Mathilda is a Marjorie-level domme who knows few limits! I'll let her introduce herself below:
"I should introduce myself, sorry! Sometimes I'm a bit rude - but then again there is not much need for politeness when... you're me!

My name is mathilda. It's a name that suits me quite well, as it means "strong in battle", in some old language I can't remember.

"Strong" is, I think, one of the first words that come to mind for anyone who first meets me. Well, that and "big" of course. when I'm wearing a skirt and short sleeves - which i do as often as i can - I guess the first word to come up is "muscular". At school they often call me "Muscle Mathilda", "Mathilda Muscles", "Massive mathilda", "Mountain mathilda"...

This is an extremely hot comic for the fans of mental, verbal and physical domination. I guarantee your heart will beat faster and your blood flow stronger. In any case, I'm not sure you're ready for Massive Mathilda...
53 pages


General Discussion / Re: What got you started?
« Last post by cgsweat on February 23, 2020, 02:35:36 pm »
I grew up in the 80's and 90's... at a time when women in comics were drawn with more muscle, female bodybuilding was beginning to take off, and muscular women in TV shows were becoming more common.  I think what really solidified my interest was seeing Chyna and Nicole Bass in wrestling (back then it was the WWF).  Then as the internet began to take off I couldn't help but seek out what other muscular women were out there.  One of the first sites I ever frequented was Lori Braun's  which at the time only had a handful of pics of the most popular FBB's at the time (Lenda Murray, Laura Creavalle, etc.).  My interest just kept growing over time.
General Discussion / Re: What got you started?
« Last post by Bugenhagen on February 23, 2020, 05:35:28 am »
With so much 80s and 90s talk, it kinda makes you wonder if it's a predisposition we have or some sort of culutral exposure moment that makes these women drive us wild.

I remember Dr. Drew talking to Adam Carolla about older men  prefering a full bush to anything shaved which young men seem to like since back inthe 70s etc that shaved wasn't really an option.
General Discussion / Re: Chatting up muscular girls at the gym/around town
« Last post by Bugenhagen on February 23, 2020, 05:31:57 am »
Depending on where I meet them I crank up the charm and refrain from any body talk until we have a good rapport. Unless it's one of those obvious situations where she's showing lots of interest.

These days, I'd rather not wait to get to what seems to be the only thing I'm interested in which is muscle talk, flexing, fawning over her physique. But I always play more conservative with the more overtly muscular women. Just better  to know them on other levels first.
Your Site / Re: Meet our strong girls doing feats of strength never done
« Last post by Amofortinhas on February 22, 2020, 09:17:07 pm »

Mulherpedra, she is the strongest of all. While other bends normal pans, she bends a Teflon pan. She flex her powerful pecs and biceps, those muscles can compact and bend any metal she puts her hands on. She picks the Teflon pan and start to bend it, is possible to see that is no normal pan, hardened and sturdy, but Mulherpedra is the strongest above all, she put her full muscular pecs power in action and that pan is history. Totally destroyed.

General Discussion / First session
« Last post by pwnlobster on February 22, 2020, 06:27:12 pm »
For the past few months I've been convincing myself to book a session with a FBB, but I keep 'chickening out'. Aside from the price, I keep being repulsed by the thought of 'what if I won't enjoy it' or 'what if I see myself as a creep afterwards'.I love muscular girl (and the non muscular ones too) but I keep having that feeling that it's really wierd that I would meet one and touch her muscles for money. It would be fun, but I'm afraid I would feel guilty afterwards. Anyone else feeling the same way?
Stories / Re: My first true amazing story of a powerful girl
« Last post by brian on February 22, 2020, 08:08:17 am »
Great story.  Hot picture.
Stories / My first true amazing story of a powerful girl
« Last post by Benoit on February 21, 2020, 06:28:50 pm »
I live in a small apartment complex we're everyone gets along pretty well and during the summer we will all get together cook food on the grill and just have a good time. And there's this one girl in particular that just stands out an 18 year old named Hannah. Who is a high school cheerleader with the body most women would envy and would make the average man insecure im 5'11 and 137 pound's and she was pretty tall about 5'9 and 160 pound's she's very built tiny waste butt very thick. Her legs are massive Probebly nearly as big as my chest with insanely defined calfs. Her chest and shoulders were very Broad and wide she is a beast at such a young age. Her and some of the other kid's were going to play a game of football and the team she wasn't playing on needed another player and I thought real quick this might be the time to see just how strong she is so i gave it a go.i didn't do much just let the kids do there thing but realized she was owning the game she was just to strong for the other kid's. And at one point she ended up catching the ball next to me and as quickly as i could i tried to bring her down but I soon found out that wasn't going to happen so i did the next best thing and tried to take the ball from her which was impossible no matter how hard i pulled the ball didn't come lose she even casually pulled the ball closer to her. I was pulling with all my might and she was just smiling at me. Then i grabbed her arm and my god it was hard as stone my hands around her forearm and bicep. Then in an effort to get me off she swong her body around and i was still holding on and as she was swinging me I eventually lost my grip and fell right on my face she threw me about four or five feet. I was in shock this girl just thrue me like a stuffed animal. Her team ended up winning the game and we eventually parted ways and ended up spending the night cleaning up the scrapes on my face not knowing there was more to come.

The next day i just was going to take it easy my body was still a little sore from the day before. At around 2:30 or so i herd a knock on my door not sure who it was i clumsily walked to the door and opened it. My body instantly turned numb it was hannah my skinny body felt small looking at this thick powerhouse she was wearing short khaki shorts in a blue tank top i I was finally able to concentrate and said hi? What's up?  She replied hi i just wanted to say sorry and if you were ok? Oh im fine i said trying to not the situation awkward I mentioned how strong she was. She got a little red in the face i get a lote of complimentson how strong i am and to tell you the truth i love showing my strength then she did a quick flex my god what a bicep this girl had i was just fixated on it. She started to giggle does this interest you? I said well it is incredible. She started to look at me and said i want to do somthing evil but i need you. Oh i said what did you have in mind I said confused? She walked in and closed the door and grabbed my hand and walked me to my table i want to arm wrestle she said. You do ? Yes and just for the fact i hurt you i want you to use both you're skinny arm's against my on arm. I couldn't believe it was happening my greatest fantasy. So i quickly put both hands around her hand. Whenever you're ready so I just went for it i put all my Force down but she quickly caught me are you trying she said. God she was strong as she put me down so simply. Man you're really weak. She stood up and walked towards me as I was I was catching my breath you like that im strong don't you i could crush you and you can't do anything about it my body felt numb again. She squatted down and told me to wrap my legs around her wast so i did.  she proceeded to lift me up like a child she started to walk around the living room with Me in her arms. My dick was very close to her firm breasts and i was quickly getting a hard on and she noticed right away. Then out of nowhere she started to violently bounce me up and down. Then she started to do deep squats with me in her arm's god this was amazing I thought to myself and she was just looking into my eyes with a smile on her face. I eventually came and my body went limp aww are you done little guy? its like my body couldn't move. Then she put her hands under my armpits and walked towards the wall she lifted me high up as I grabbed onto her forearms. Then she walked away from the wall i was a grown man and this girl is just lifting me high in the air like im nothing. She soon put me down on the couch well that was fun she said but it was time for her to go she tulk my number and went on her way home this was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life and I'm happy to share it with you she latter send me a picture i guess im just her little toy.
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