Author Topic: What got you started?  (Read 3733 times)

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Re: What got you started?
« Reply #15 on: June 28, 2019, 05:50:54 pm »
In 1979 I was 18 and already knew I liked girls with very thick strong legs as there were a few in my high school.  No one wanted these girls at all because guys would focus on the face and hair.  The thing I realized was some girls who were shy because they were very average in the face were also hiding bodies that had become strong from being raised on farms.  My favorite, because we had a long relationship, was a filipino girl who had legs so muscular that I could not get them out of my mind.  I mean to this day I do not think any woman, female bodybuilder, runner, powerlifter I mean anyone could compare legs with her, she was barely 5 feet tall but her solid thick body probably had her at 150 pounds.  She was very dark for a Filipino and had a neck that was very thick, her butt was perfect...extremely muscular, each cheek just tightened very high and protruded so much a dinner plate would sit on it.  She really liked showing off those legs because she was a sprinter as well and was always wearing those skimpy running shorts...I think the one thing running against her in the guy department was young men like boobs, she had none just some pec development, also she was not curvy, straight up and down, not any fat I could see.  She would have been a fantastic bodybuilder, but it never came up.  She wanted to have a guy love her and none would until I came along.  I had also known her in the 3rd grade and once we be friends again she and I would leave school and go get lunch, which continued to making out and heavy petting.  Finally we started do what we both wanted and that was spending our lunch hour at my parents house...neither of us were very experienced but soon we were having sex in my bed 5 days a week,  sometimes we used protection and other times not but I will never forgot the year we had sex probably 300 times or more.  Everyday we did the same thing and no it never got old, some things I have read about how muscular a woman can get just aren't true for everyone, like she was quite vascular all over.  I will not go into details like porn writing except to say I still want to feel here next to me, but I have a great life and very happily married...and lucky for me my wife is very strong as well, but the legs I have been describing were unbelievable, like drawn by an artist....I had an encounter with her years later...some other time

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Re: What got you started?
« Reply #16 on: July 10, 2019, 05:04:32 pm »
I think I must have been about 14 in the early 80s.  I watched what I think must have been a documentary on TV here in the UK. I don't remember much abput the show except being dumbstruck by the physiques. It would have been on my little black and white portable with an indoor antenna, so a poor picture but I stuck with it because I was so mesmerised. And the rest is history.