Author Topic: Emeri Connery - Killed in some weird twisted car wreck/shooting  (Read 709 times)

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Sadly, Emeri Connery was killed on March 8th along with her cousin as they were traveling in a vehicle in Lee County, VA (the most western county in the most western tip of VA). Reports earlier had no explanation and there's still an ongoing investigation but the latest from just a few hours ago (about 4:50PM Eastern time on the 12th) says it could be a murder-suicide and that the gunshots appear to have happened from inside the vehicle:

Sad day I suppose, Emeri was a stunner and had a long life ahead of her just as her cousin did. I hope the families are able to cope with this situation and move on.

I for one will keep an archive of her images that I snagged from her Instagram account earlier today when I first heard the news.

For anyone interested, here's a direct link to her pics here at GWM for as long as they're still posted:

Saddest part to me is that just the day before she died she had made a nice post on her Instagram account which you can see here:


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Re: Emeri Connery - Killed in some weird twisted car wreck/shooting
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